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Question on 40c mags

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I got two mags with my 40c and I ordered two more (one flat base and one with pinky extension) from S&W. My question is, the two mags I got with the gun have different followers than the two from S&W. Two have a square shaped notch in the front and the other two are square, but with a raised angle the cuts off the square.

Has anyone else noticed this with 40c mags? Is one newer than the other? Was this a fix for some kind of problem with the mags?
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Just an update on this:

I called S&W this morning to ask about the difference and they had no idea about the change. They said it sounds like it could be a feed related change, which is what I assumed. I will try to post pics of the two later this afternoon.
Yep... my experience exactly. With my 40C, my original 2 followers have a slightly different slide stop notch shape on the top than the followers than those that came in my 2 subsequently purchased S&W mags. All 4 mags work well.
That's interesting, my followers, springs and floor plate are identical to my full size. What's your serial # Mine is MPN31XX.
Mine is MPN24XX.

Also, here are some pics of what I am describing. The one on the left is what I got from S&W. The one on the right is what came with my gun.

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Sorry, but the pic is of no use... Well for me, maybe someone can tell the difference.
Sorry, its not that great of resolution. I couldn't get the focus on the area I wanted.

I used arrows to point out the areas on the mags that differ. Hopefully this helps.

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I haven't had the chance to shoot them yet, but they seem to cycle ammo fine manually. I'm not really worried about them, I was just wondering if anyone knew what the change was for, since S&W didn't.
I see the difference now and so I got mine out too. I have 3, and the original finger extension magazine also has a rounded follower. I have fired well over 300 rounds in each magazine, so it is safe. But that is crazy, must be a model that will be discontinued. The 3rd and purchased finger extension magazine is like the flat base mag, so I am only assuming that these are the newest. Cool catch, glad you brought it to our attention, maybe someone smarter than us will have an answer. :wink:
The area that is different is right next to the part that engages the slide stop... so I think they must have re-thought that engagement surface area a little more and decided that for whatever reason a little curve in that area was better than squared off.... that's my guess...
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