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Questions about the MP?

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I currently own an xd40 and like the gun. But, I picked up an MP the other day and then saw a segment about it on personal defense TV. I can't imagine a gun feeling any better in MY hand than this gun. Now, I am torn. I have a couple of questions though. What is the muzzle flip like on an MP 40 or 9mm? If anyone has shot an xd and mp could you please compare them for me. Thanks for the help.
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Like Wilsoncreek said, the M&P has a lower bore axis than the XD and that translates into less felt recoil.

I find the M&P has a very soft recoil even compared to my Glocks.
Re: what do you guys think of

basilhayden said:
the trigger? Is the trigger difficult to work on and improve? I know that some pistol's triggers can be improved by a relatively unskilled owner, while some have to be worked on by pistolsmith. Thanks

I don't think mine is that bad. I even had a diehard 1911 guy with me at the range when I first shot mine and he didn't think it was all that bad either.

I'm not one to muck with a gun so I will leave mine alone at least until I get a couple thousand rounds through it. From everything I read it's very easy to tune a M&P trigger and if you visit the smith forum you'll find detailed instructions for cleaning up the trigger if you're willing to try it yourself.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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