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questons for the smart guys

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i am currently shooting 180 grain fmj for target at the range and 180grain federal tactical hollows for carry. My question is this: Will it benefit me at all to get a new guide rod and spring combo or would it really be purely psycholgical? Also, if so what should i go with? Im pretty sure the stock spring is set at 16lbs, so say if i put in a tungsten rod and a slightly heavier spring would the reciol be any less noticable? would there be any change in performance as far as you guys would say? Just looking for some opinions and suggestions on the matter. feel free to post pics of yours with new rod/spring combos also. Thanks for the help folks.
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I'm not a smart guy but I do have opinions as follow:

If you think 1/2 ounce will make a difference and have money to burn get the tungston rod. Better yet have a machine shop make a hollow one and pour it full of lead.

If you are using Factory Standard Ammo your stock pistol should perform as designed. (ie quite well)

If you plan on re-loading with powder charges outside the recomended normal ranges you might need to change spring weight.

If you want to play with the design characteristics and have the coins with which to do so, be our guest.

Enjoy your toy

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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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