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Quick, pass the Kool Aid!

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Okay, for years (15 or more) I have been an avid Glock fan. Over on Glocktalk they refer to "nothing better than Glock" as drinking too much Kool Aid.

So anyway, I made the mistake of buying an M&P9 back in June and had my doubts about this "Glock wannabe" until I shot a friend of mine's M&P. Needless to say shortly thereafter I made the purchase. During the first 150 or so rounds I had a few mishaps (3- failures to extract - discussed in previous threads). Ever since, I've used different ammuntion and the weapon has performed flawlessly. I must say that this is the most accurate 9mm pistol I've ever shot out of the box, bar none. I own Glocks (a lot of them), Sigs (a few) and have owned HK's and Beretta's; however, none of them compare to the accuracy of the M&P9.

Now the Glocks stay home when it comes range time and my M&P goes to the range. I am going to be replacing my tried and true G17 with my M&P9 for IDPA use once I get a suitable holster for the M&P9 and a few more rounds down the pipe for peace of mind in terms of reliability sakes. Lastly, as soon as I can afford it, an M&P40 will be purchased. I love these full-sized M&P's, S&W definitely did this one right. I don't believe in selling firearms once acquired, so it will take a few months, but I will own all the full-size pistols. You can't beat the accuracy, ergonomics, and S&W customer service.

450-rounds since last FTF, total count 600-rounds. Very satisfied owner, here!
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I sure do like Kool-Aid, grape!
I am happy to hear of your good fortune gtm...

You will like the .40 just as much as the 9.


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I prefer Black Cherry.

Enjoy your pistol. :wink:
gtmtnbiker98n - I haven't spent much time with my Glocks since I bought my M&P9 back in December. And while I don't get to the range as often as I should I still shoot the M&P better than I did with my Glocks. At first it started out with just one and then I said I wouldn't sell any of my Glocks but that I would buy another M&P and now I'm thinking of selling a couple of my Glocks to finance a M&P45 and a M&P9c.

I'm loving my M&P and falling out of love with my Glocks.
what ammuntion were you using when you had the failures? Also what ammunition did you switch over to?
S&W should come out with a "Kool-Aid" edition M&P

I would say our own brand of Kool Aid or be referred to as the "deep dark side." Everybody refers to Glock as the "dark side" we can be the "deep dark side."
gtmtnbiker98 said:
I would say our own brand of Kool Aid or be referred to as the "deep dark side." Everybody refers to Glock as the "dark side" we can be the "deep dark side."

Black Ops side ;-)
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