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Got my fullsize M&P9 out to the range for a little while the other day with some friends. Put 200 rounds of WWB through it, and had my first hiccup ever. About halfway through my 3rd magazine I have a FTE. First one in almost 600 rounds. I thought I might have had a second one while was buddy was shooting, but it turned out to be a bad primer. I had another issue, several times, the slide has failed to lock back on the last round. I checked the mags after it failed to lock back but I couldn't find anything wrong with them. Does anyone know how to remedy the problem?

On another note, a friend of mine went out with us and it was her first time shooting a handgun. She had shot my buddy's Beretta 92 and his Sig 229 .40 and had no problems. Until she handled my M&P, that is. I loaded 10 rounds into the magazine and not only the first, but also the second ejected casing went straight down her tank-top. :twisted: We laughed so hard we just about wet ourselves. Not gonna lie, I love my M&P.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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