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Please do not let the PITA marketing keep you from training at FS. I have taken numerous courses and enjoyed every one of them.

In addition to being a student of Front Sight I am a Range Master and instructor there (to be fully open and honest). The other staff members are fantastic and I recently left working there full-time for a "career" job. Now I go out about once a month to train or work, depending on my desire and their needs.

If anyone has questions about FS please email, pm or post.

Now, I am glad your pistola worked great. I just sold my last Glock and picked up an M&P45 (now at David Bowie's for some work). Wanted a .45 since I carry 1911s.

As for the Glocks malfunctioning be aware that we rent Glocks & HD's and the range guns often get abused and have a ton of rounds through them (I used to be on of the firearms maintenance guys there).

Again, good shooting... great gun... glad you enjoyed P'town and FS.

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