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Range report M&Pc 9mm

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I bought a new M&Pc 9mm last week and finally got to the range today.

Ammunition was a mix of Federal, Winchester, Remington, Samson and Hornady. Mostly 115gr FMJ but there was also some 124gr FMJ and 124gr HP. 300 rounds total

I never did take this apart and clean it. Just took it out of the box and started shooting. The only problems were inserting a full magazine when the slide was forward was pretty stiff but eased up after awhile. There was one incident where the slide release didn't work with a magazine in the pistol. I took the magazine out, lowered the slide then locked it back and tried again without anymore problems. I think a piece of unburned powder or something may have worked its way in and bound it up because the slide release felt crunchy at the next magazine change but cleared after that.

Trigger was already pretty nice out of the box and got even better with shooting.Recoil was barely worth mentioning. It was just plain soft! I tried the small backstrap for a little bit but switched back to the medium one. It just fit my hand better.

My only real complaint is the lack of a felt trigger reset. Try as I might I just could not feel it reset. This is really a minor complaint and nothing that can't be solved. I just need to shoot it more! Oh, and get some holsters!
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practice makes perfect... i also started with the small and switched over to the medium; it was more ergonomic for me...
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