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First range day yesterday for my wife's and my new M&P .45's

150 rounds of Federal - American Eagle 230GR. through each with zero feed/fire/ejection failures and no dropped mags.

I'm still adjusting to the trigger pull, so at this time the weapon is more accurate than the user. Periodically I'm pulling the point of impact to the left and down a bit. I think I'll try the large palm swell as I can feel the trigger slip into the joint between the first pad and the second of my trigger finger before/just as the weapon fires.

My wife started out with a downward anticipation flinch as she was expecting more recoil from the .45 ACP round. She did admit to some initial intimidation to the bigger round after the day ended. She's accustomed to the Browning Hi-Power in 9mm. By the end of the session she was consistent and comfortable with the small palm swell in place.

At the end of the day my wife had depleted her ammo and still had a couple unpunched targets left standing. The RO to her right started to put a mag into the right lower target with his Baretta 92 and I took the lower left as I was positioned immediately to her left. At the end of a mag each my grouping was noticably tighter than the RO's with all rounds well inside the black at 15 yards. Hopefully I'll still be welcome there when he's working.

I'm definitely looking forward to the arrival of a pair of Uplula loaders as getting rounds nine and ten into the new mags was tight.

Overall we're both very pleased with the performance of the M&P's. I can see reloading in my future as we both seem willing feed these thing's appetites.
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