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Well I took my M&P45 out the other day. Only had 100 rounds because I was testing a Baby Eagle 40 that just came back from the shop & my new 642 w/ crimson trace grips. Well They fixed the Baby Eagle, which was having full auto characteristics
The 642 was manageable w/ +P's but shot a little high & to the left. Now for the M&P 45. Ran smooth, no problems. Not a target gun by any means, but acceptable accuracy & smooth operation. Trigger was a little doggy, but loosened up a little by days end. all in all I am glad I pick it up. Probably won't be my most shot pistol (1911 guy :wink:) , but it will see some use good use. The M&P feels good in the hand w/ the large grips. This is my first striker fired weapon, but it seemed pretty decent, once the trigger eased up a little. Mag will make a sore thumb, trying to get past round #9. Need to get them loaded & sitting for a while.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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