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Ok, 101Combat Vet and finalfusion asked me to post some pics of my first time out with my new M&P45.

So here's my sexy Christmas present.

Here's a silhouette shot at 10yds at about 1 second of so per shot.

Then I slowed down & shot to see how she grouped.

The circled groups on the left side are mine & the ones on the right were fired be my brother who tagged along.

Needless to say. I Lovvvvvvvvvvvvve this gun!

Edited to mention the ammo fired today was 150 rounds of Win. white box 240gn FMJ.

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tsix said:
Nice lookin groups! I agree, the 45 is a fantastic pistol.


I have found that from about 75 feet or so if I walk up to the target, take quick aim

and dump a ten round mag as fast as I can consistently landing at least two in the 8 zone or

better. Now Idk how good of shooting that would be considered, but given the short time

from start to finish and that the 45 is a bone crusher, I'm pretty happy with my current

skill level. I'm a nooB shooter so I guess I wont know how much of it is my natural

ability and how much is the gun until I get more experience with other weapons, but

for now the 45 gets an A from me.

Heres my target from 25 feet. Maybe someone more experienced could comment

as to if this is fair shooting because I honestly don't have any way of determining myself.

Two mags dumped (20rds). I purposely tried to make eye holes on the last

two shots of the 2nd clip. I didn't go rapid fire like I described above I'm guessing

probably an average of 2 secs between shots. To date, I still haven't hit the X
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