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koumiss45 said:
Thanks TOF... I appreciate the confidence, I turned my bow from 66 for whitetail up to 71 for some added punch, I also am leaving the rage broadheads at home and instead am opting for a set of fixed blades. The new question is where can I get the Golden Saber in a 500 rd box ( or 100's) in a 124 grain. Midway is out, so who else is good for this? I talked to my father and I think I am going to take his Kimber .45 with, this comforted me greatly.

GS are not hard to find...if not available locally to you, most of the online gun websites carry them...

As to bulk purchases, I'm not sure...I've never seen them in anything but the conventional 25-Rd boxes...

Good luck on your hunt...
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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