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First of all, I'm not starting a which is a better ammo thread. Both are proven great Personal Defense ammo... I've been having slight pain on my wrist lately from lifting weights and just wanted to know which would be recoil friendly for my wrist.

For those who have fired both ammos (preferably from their M&P40)...

Assuming both were fired from the same gun (again preferably from a M&P40), between 165gr Ranger-T and 165gr Golden Saber, which has a stronger or more pronounced recoil? I have not gotten the chance to shoot both side by side. All I have in stock right now are Ranger-T's and still waiting for my gun store to replenish their stock of GS. Though, I carry GS for my 45's... I cant compare my .40 Ranger-T's w/ my .45 GS....

Thanks in advance!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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