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Rapid fire

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Got to shoot my M&P again. Shot 400 rounds of WWB. Fired 300 rounds as fast as I could pull the trigger. Only have 3 mags so most of the time went to reloading the mags, then the fun of shooting the mags empty. Not one FTF or FTE. The last 100 rounds I fired precision at 10 yards. My M&P appears to shoot a little low, but it might be me. A few people at the range liked my pistol and wanted to shoot it. But I was greedy and wanted to shoot all my bullets myself. Too bad the range didnt have any M&P's for them to rent, but oh well let them drool. :twisted:
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I have let several die hard "GLOCKERS" shoot my M&P. They have all been impressed. Maybe some will convert. Nothing wrong with GLOCK by any means, but shooters need to broaden their horizons, IMHO
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