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I've been away for almost 9 years, havent posted anything since moving to SC from Louisiana back in 2014.

Left for a new job here and have been here every since.

Sold the full size and picked up an MP 2.0 40c, which I absolutely love about 4 years ago.

Tried edc with it once I got my ccw, but it still felt bulky. I love shooting it, though, and it shoots very, very well.

I purchased an MP Shield Plus 9 mm this week for a smaller edc after reading reviews on it.

Have to get used to shooting the Shield. Something with my grip has me shooting 4-6" left center. Do not care for the night sights on it. I will be looking for something else for it. The rear sights are clear and hard to see for me.

Fired 120 rounds this weekend and was consistently left center.

I will be practicing more with the shield next weekend. I have ordered a 15 round mag to try in it.

Ordered a fat guy holster and a desantis mini scabbarb for it. I like owb with my 40c when I carry it, but it is noticeable with all my holsters.

The shield feels like it's going to be much less noticeable in an owb, and I want to try the fat guy holster for a 3 o'clock iwb.

Will wear both a few weeks to see which I prefer.
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You're gonna find the Shield Plus will grow on you. Easy to conceal. Reliable and accurate.

You may find it's a bit easier to conceal with the 13 round magazine in it (even easier with the 10 round magazine). I carry mine with the 13 and the 15's are spare/back up mags. They don't show when carried in an IWB mag. pouch. In the gun they stick out to the rear enough to make me uncomfortable about that bulge they create under my shirt.
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