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I've been away for almost 9 years, havent posted anything since moving to SC from Louisiana back in 2014.

Left for a new job here and have been here every since.

Sold the full size and picked up an MP 2.0 40c, which I absolutely love about 4 years ago.

Tried edc with it once I got my ccw, but it still felt bulky. I love shooting it, though, and it shoots very, very well.

I purchased an MP Shield Plus 9 mm this week for a smaller edc after reading reviews on it.

Have to get used to shooting the Shield. Something with my grip has me shooting 4-6" left center. Do not care for the night sights on it. I will be looking for something else for it. The rear sights are clear and hard to see for me.

Fired 120 rounds this weekend and was consistently left center.

I will be practicing more with the shield next weekend. I have ordered a 15 round mag to try in it.

Ordered a fat guy holster and a desantis mini scabbarb for it. I like owb with my 40c when I carry it, but it is noticeable with all my holsters.

The shield feels like it's going to be much less noticeable in an owb, and I want to try the fat guy holster for a 3 o'clock iwb.

Will wear both a few weeks to see which I prefer.
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Welcome back.

I shot the original version 1 Shield to the left. But, the Shield Plus is a little fatter. When combined with the Hogue Jr grip, which has small palm swells, that helped me solve that issue.

Try the Hogue Jr...
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