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Looks like Bud has got the 201's in (Mag Safety) in lieu of the 301's (NO Mag Safety), but since it's easily defeatable, and may actually be a blessing for a newbie like me, I'm going to put in my order tomorrow.

Here's what's on my list, and I'd appreciate any suggestions for add-ons, as long as they're inexpensive and a good idea:

  S&W M&P9 9mm NO LOCK 17RD   $389.00 

  HKS GL940 MAG LOADER GLOCK 9&40   $7.73 



 Sub-Total: $409.60

I'm not exactly sure what to use to physically clean it (the brush that comes with?). If there's a decent cleaning kit at Bud's, please let me know, and I'm still trying to figure out eye and ear protection, though if Bud has something really good, I'd like to hear on that as well.

I believe some folks advised on the Glock loader from HKS as the best fit for the M&P 9, is that correct?

Do you use the CLP solely for cleaning and then have to use oil on top of it for lubrication, or do you just clean with the CLP and then put an extra drop of the CLP in the 6 places the manual tells you to lubricate?

I don't want to make any mistakes, especially since I've got two friends who are going to be placing the same order with me, so PLEASE advise!!!!

Many Thanks as always to such a terrific group!

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