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record book

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Does anyone know where i can get a record book to keep track of my range activities? ie. scores, type of amo used, etc.
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Just an idea, you could create a simple spreadsheet in Excel to do just that. Write your info in a normal notebook at the range, then enter the data when you get home. Get fancy and do it in Access.
check midwayusa i seen a marksman book there once. it was alog book for snipers though i believe. Might work just fine though.
Do a google search for range card/ range data book.

There are some good pre made pdf's out there.
so i created an indoor range log in can get a copy of it here:

any suggestions for improvement will be appreciated

the above link is good for a week from today

let me know what you think
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Email it to me and I'll post it here for good.
found some good targets with datasheets here:

you can print them out for your logbook
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