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This may be unsolicited advice, but it's in the interest of safety.

Rule #1 Don't shoot reloads that you haven't personally reloaded.

Rule #2 See Rule #1

There is a tremendous amount of junk reloads for sale, at gun shows and online, my personal rule is that the ONLY commercially reloaded ammo that I would shoot is Black Hills, I wouldn't even consider shooting another brand of reloaded ammo. I have been a reloader for 40 years, and I shoot my reloads all the time, I have a tremendous amount of experience reloading ammo and I use first class equipment to do it, as well as a lot of personal care, I trust my reloads, but with the exception of Black Hills, I will not shoot someone else's reloaded ammo.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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