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Reloading 40 S&W

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Is it ok to reload once fired brass cases if they were first fired in a Glock? Not trying to flame Glocks, but I have heard that brass fired in an unsupported breech (like a Glock) should not be reloaded. Anyone have any experiences in this area?


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It really all depends on a few things. First is how tight your chamber is. 2nd is the type of dies you are using.

I have a competition SV 1911 .40 that I shoot brass that came from who knows where. I buy once fired brass all the time on Ebay and I know I get my handful of Glock brass. However, on my 650 I use a Lee Factory Crimp die so on the last station it resizes the brass a 2nd time. I use this for .40 as well as .38 super and I've never had any issues.

If you use cheap dies and don't resize your cases enough then you will most likely have Failures To Feed. But, if the chamber isn't all that tight and you have a strong recoil spring it may just go into battery without any problems.

Try 50 or so and see what happens.

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Thanks Pete. I'll be using RCBS full length resizing carbide dies, as I have had good luck with them reloading .357 and .38.

Here's an interesting link. It's quite long and you have to scroll down to find the Glock fired brass info. This isn't the first time I've heard of this and it does concern me (especially the case failure KBs).

If I have to buy new brass, it will be cheaper for me to buy Wincheter White Box for range loads and forget about reloading, although I reload mainly for a hobby during the winter months.

Forgot to mention I'll be reloading for my M&P 40
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40 S&W reloads

For my range rounds, I use mixed brass and collect it from my Glocks, H&Ks and now my M&P with no problems. I have never had a problem reusing brass ejected from a Glock. I too use the RCBS carbide dies for all my applicable calibers. I realize loading habits differ (crimping, power factor and so on for other factors based on preference), but I have loaded over 15000 rounds of 40 s&w over the last 2 years and never had a problem with reusing brass used through my G23, G27 and G35.
I've been reloading the 40 S&W on my Dillon 550 with no problems at all, I don't go for the real hot loads, I try to stay more in the mid range. I've loaded 1,000, shot up about 400 so far.
Should be, but depends on what type of load your going to be reloading. If you load to something in the area of 165 pf and below, you should be ok. Plus, the one time it is shot out of the Glock, it does expand them more, but not as bad as if you're shooting it out of a Glock over and over.

In addition, the real problem was with rounds shot out of a Glock initially, and probably shot out of a Glock a few times, then reloading the .40 with a heavy bullet and very fast powder. Combination of all three is what triggered the case head blowouts.
Here's a good example of what happens to a Glock sometimes! This is 45 ACP, but shows the lack of support for the cartridge case.

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Thanks for the replies, especially the picture. Thats worth a thousand words. I will be loading only reduced target loads and will use factory ammo for heavy loads. I just picked up two 100 round boxes of WWB for $17.98 each at Wally World. You can't beat that price

I'll probably still reload to pass the long Northern New York winter. Winter sucks

Anyone got any favorite load combinations they want to share?
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5.3G titegroup with 155Gr berrys. about 1050-1060 fps
I've fired Jester's rounds and would definitely recommend that formula.
Yep, the picture says it all. Ive had 40's out of my Glocks before that blew out the extractor and magazine. But you could put the gun back together and do it again.
I load my .40 loads long so they wouldn't even fit in your mags. They are for a double stack 1911 so it wouldn't help you out. However, I do use Vitavori N320 powder and it rocks.
Sorry for my ignorance Jester, but what are 'berrys' brand; I'm sure you didn't mean dingle berrys

Also, what primers do you use?

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I just changed to federal from CCI, to many light strikes with CCI's
My current load is 5.6 gr of Unique behind a 165 gr Berry's plated flat point, the average velocity out of my MP40 runs 944 fps.
I was running 6.5 unique, but I can get the same vel with TG at 5.3 grains ,I can get it cheaper, and its cleaner to boot.
Thanks for the Berrys link! May I be so forward as to ask which 155 gr you are using

ie flatpoint, hbrn, etc?
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Thanks Jester! I now know where I'll be ordering my target bullets from. Also thanks for the powder and primer tips; sounds like a good combo. I have Bullseye and Unique leftover from my 38/357 days but think I'll try some Tite Group.

Thanks to everyone for you input! This forum is a great resource for MP owners
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My IPSC load for 167 Power Factor is a 180 grain Montana Gold JHP with 5.2 grains of Vita Vouri N320 loaded to 1.20". Don't try this load in an M&P though as it's too long and the bullet won't fit in your mags. And if you use this load and shorten the O.A.L. you may have pressure issues.

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