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Ruger pc4 carbine

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Is ruger still making this carbine?

And could it be modified for S&W M&P magazines??

I thought i read some where there was a company converting pc4 to shoot glock mags.
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I guess this was a dead thread
I believe they are - can't help ya w/ the mags, though.
Thanks ShipWreck.I was kicking around the idea of getting a .40 s&w

carbine so that i will have 2 fire arms in that caliber.I shoot about 250

rounds through the pistol every time I go to the FOP range. If i could find a carbine in that same caliber that will be about a nother 200 or so

each time.Then ill have to start reloading :wink:

on i saw a couple of guys with .40 ar,s but the only place that i found so far is olympic and i dont like what they did to the magazines

2 get around the magazine block. RRA supposed to release a .40

dont know when or what type of mags it will use. Geuss time will tell.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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