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Running Beautifully after a trip to Smith

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Previously I was having a problem with eating brass, and after a trip to S&W, they replaced the extractor, did a "barrel modification" and adjusted the front sight...not to mention threw in a free mag.=

Total round count: ~1.5k

Total round count today: 200

Total problems: 0

Today's trip was a total success, I put about 200 rounds downrange (White box and Monarch brass, both 115gr) and every singe piece of hot brass landed in a nice little pile at about my 4 o'clock.

The range had a set 15yd distance and focusing on my trigger pull I was able to keep them all towards the center with a few fliers. I believe I have aproached the limit of my own shooting ability, as far as trigger control goes. The gun was shooting dead on POI=POA. I was consistantly left of target which I was able to chalk up to trigger control. This was confirmed with a few snap caps slipped in the mags. I am not worried about it, they were all inside the 7-10 ring but I can see where I need the work. I guess I need another set of snap caps, as the first set is about destroyed.

I think I have said it before, but I love this gun. I even sold the MP to a frustrated G19 owner who had 5 FTE's while I was there.
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jbparrothd21 said:
did a "barrel modification"

Anyone know exactly what this is?
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