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S/N MPA????

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Curious how many had troubles with the first batch of M&Ps = S/N MPA????. Mine is MPA16??. Sent it in around 2000 rounds because of light primer strikes.... Got a new slide and barrel. Then 9000 rounds + ....... firing pin block didn't hold.........(Should have returned it sooner, but didn't want to stop shooting it long enough to send it in.) New striker took care of that.

Now, several thousand rounds later it is still working great, wouldn't give up this piece for anything. Highest confidence in it, carry it a lot, great gun. I would guess that most of the design mistakes, and tooling problems are history by now. But like with any weapon, if it's used for self defense I would shoot it a lot to be sure it is reliable.

I recommend the M&P to everyone. But just like with any brand of pistol. Make sure it works! I think every brand has had it's share of returns for repair. I shoot with some 1911 fans that have had more problems with various brands than I have had with the M&P.

I expect in a few years the M&P will be the piece that is being copied and compared to for reliability.
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I have my MPA6*** and still runs like a top.
I have MPA9XXX, a 40 caliber M&P. I haven't had any issues with it.
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