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S&W Pistol Cases

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I recently added a red dot scope to my 7" 22A, and re-ignited my love for this target plinker.

Unfortunately in this configuration it does not fit in its original case anymore.

What are my options? I'm sure there were others before me who encountered this.
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Soft-sided pistol/range bag or something from one of the big-box stores like Gander, or Bass Pro?
Some have talked of freezing the foam then cutting to fit. I've seen cases here that have been modified. Do a search . gl
It's not the foam, but the hard case plastic that is too small for the configuration.

I'll look into the generic type pistol cases. I hadn't thought about that. Thanks.

Anyone have a favorite?
I use soft cases for my 44 and 357 and they both have room aplenty.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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