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I missed the previous promo by a few days with my first M&P and took delivery of my second a few days before this latest promo. I got the 2 guns because I love how they shoot and feel in my hand.

I will be sending in the latest promo with a request that they send me free mags for the latest one. Only 4 days before the promo started. It never hurts to ask but it is more than fair for them to decline my request. Either way, I will be getting one more to round out my collection because I love the M&P's, I very much like my S&W revolvers, I am very impressed with S&W's service and I am a very happy customer.

Free is nice but I never count on it or get upset because I miss out on a freebie. I find the negative energy expended such a waste.

I enjoy what I have. 2 M&Ps, one 9mm and one .45 It is far more fun that finding fault that I missed out on a free magazine.

You may want to get some rounds down range and enjoy the gun.
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