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S&W Shotguns

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Since I couldnt find a shotgun specific forum I thought I would ask here. Anyone habve experience with SW shotguns. I am interested in a shotgun for bird hunting (pheasant) but have absolutely NO clue about shotguns. How are the SW units? Are the affordable? Relaible...? I am currently looking at a Bennelli Nova/SuperNova or a Mossberg 930 for a semi.

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Don't know about S&W shotguns, or semi-automatics, but I do know that the Remington 870 and the Mossburg 500 series pump shotguns are dependable and reliable. Have used them both on and off the job and never known anyone to ever have a problem with them. And I know a lot of people who hunt with the Remington 870's as well.
I just got this in a e-mail it may be of intrest to you. ( S&W offer)
My bird hunting shotgun is a Browning BPS Upland Special. Not sure about the Smith and Wesson guns. I'm not a real big fan of semi autos for hunting. I really love my Browning pump though.
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