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Just wanted to post a comment about Smith and Wesson's tech support.

Had some issues in the past with my M&P, the slide locking open prematurely, light primer strikes and a couple of times I had a FTF.

I tried several things this year to see if I was the cause of the problems, ie; change my grip, ammo etc etc.

Came to the conclusion that my M&P might have a couple issues, so I contacted S&W and they

immediately sent me a shipping label to send my handgun back so they could have a look at it.

Well I dropped it off at the UPS center on mon (12-11). I've heard their turn around time was phenominal and was expecting the gun back around 12-22, if Christmas didn't interfere with shipping.

Here it is fri 12-15 and the UPS man is at the door with my M&P. I'm thinking crap, must have been an issue with shipping and my box was returned to sender.

Well far from it, my M&P had been to S&W and turned around already. The slide stop was replaced, striker assy. replaced (sigma, not sure what sigma means ref. the stryker)and the ramp was polished.

Not only that, but I rcvd a free magazine. Info that I got off of this forum confirms that

S&W are sending a free mag for your trouble.

I've only gotten that type of customer service one other time in my life and that was when I needed replacement parts for my "Blue" reloader.

Signed another satisfied customer,



These issues would not have been such a big problem due to the fact

that I trade or sale 70 percent of the handguns that I purchase, but this

one is definately a keeper.
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