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savage tactical rifle

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does anybody own one or shot one ?
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yep, I have one... started out as a 10fp-le2

12 oz trigger, trued and timed, 20" douglas barrel with a badger brake(had a vias in that pic) B&C bedded stock.

Its a real dream to shoot.
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sweet :twisted: i want one

savage shooter has a tactical stock and match trigger was also thinking on a new barrel chambered for .260 remington

thanks for the pic very nice rifle
mine has the Sharp shooter supply recoil lug with the trigger and one of their barrels.. it'll drive a tack at 300 yards all day long...

I'll stick with the tried and true .308
If that 308 is nearly as accurate as my Savage Model 12 FVSS in 22-250, I got to have one.
well, at 300 yards I kept a 3 shot group at the size of a quarter.. BY ACCIDENT

My dad was spotting and couln't find the shot, I fired 2 more times and then he found them, all touching
Jester, looks like a Super Sniper scope, I just bought a 10X42 from SWFA last week and had it mounted with Burris extreme rings and mount. On top of a SA FP10 folding choate .308. I get it back this weekend, can't wait. This is my first Long Range rifle, so I am excited.

I'll be building another here soon.
Jester said:
I'll be building another here soon.

What do you have in mind?

I started a 338 RUM, that I really need to get back on. Ballistics of a 338 lapua, but alot cheaper to build/reload.

I may use the 300 RUM action I have of find a remmy action and have a barrel built for it.

OR, just another 308 tackdriver, but I always wanted to go really long range.
Nice, I am a complete novice to long range shooting, but I do know you have selected a quality weapon. I found this the other day when searching for information about mil dots. Try the demo, it has your .338 , .308 and a 50 cal. I enjoyed the demo and hoped that it may help my range estimates. Here is mine, I apologize, but I dont have any pics yet... I went broke on SWFA out of TX with the Super Sniper scope, Harris bipod and other goodies. I am a bit nervous to launch rounds, but very anxious too.

I have used that program before, works ok. I like to use unknown's, car doors, building doors, stuff like that. then I range it with my laser.

I'll either use an IOR or a US optics on my next build. I really liked the Super Sniper, but I feel like I need that extra lil bit.

If your out for a good brake, check out the Badger ord. works well without the dust signature, I know, those 20" barrels bark.

Never understood the use of a folder on a LR rifle, can you enlighten me?
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As far as the folding stock, well I think its more cosmetic than useful. Besides I looked at HS Precision and McMillian stocks and they noramally start at $200.00, so I accepted the fact that the folding stock would be as close to a custom stock that I would get. Badger products are a bit beyond my finacial needs, but a supressor, or brake will be useful in the near future. At first, I got the weapon for target/hunting, but know after more research I think this will be come all precision. But that will be down the road, I do however want to know who painted yours and did you like it painted vs. stock...

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