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Sear Disconnect Lever Question

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I am a new owner of an M&P9 and a new member here. I really like my M&P but I'm a little concerned re: the sear disconnect lever. All of the ones I've seen pictures of have a loop or bend on the end, apparently to "grab" onto with the pin. Mine does not. It is essentially straight. It appears to work fine; takedown is normal, it just looks different. I don't want to send my new pistol to Mass. unless this presents a function problem. Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

By the way, great board. The reading I did here convinced me to buy. Thanks.
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They've made two kinds of levers -- straight and crooked. I think the straight ones are the current style, but as you have already noticed, it does not appear to make any functional difference.


Thanks for the fast reply. I feel even better, but I should have known S&W would do it right. Thanks again.
Fear not for though hast the newest version!!

"Even a blind pig..." Right? Happy w/ the new Smith. Appreciate the warm welcome.
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