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Selling a firearm for the first time, how much should I ask?

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The pistol in question is a Para Ordinance "Carry 9". It has 500 rounds through it, and runs fine. It is astoundingly accurate, not just for a pistol with a 3 inch barrel, but by ANY standard of accuracy. It does have two blemishes, about 4mm wide on the slide. The blemishes are very minor, and I will get some photos of it when I return home from a military obligation.

Any idea of what I should ask for the pistol?

Here is a picture of the pistol in question, but not a picture of my particular pistol:

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Hmmm. Whatever you think you will get knock about 65.00-75.00 off that and that is a good place to start.. You would be surprised on how some people turn bargaining into greedy when it comes from person to person good luck-Jason
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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