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Semi-thin guy with a 9c, bare asset a good choice?

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Hi all, I am 5'11", 195lbs. I have a new M&P 9c. I am ordering a custom made leather holster, but as well all know that takes forever. So, online I found the high noon bare asset clip on holster. I am trying to decide between the bare asset or the comptac infidel. The problem is, I hate to spend a lot of money on a non-custom holster that I only pln on using until I get my leather. Any suggestions? I have an uncle mike's for my bersa, and don't really like uncle mikes. I also have a Don Hume 715 for my bersa and find it to be kinda thick for concealed carry.
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Buy the comp-tac great products and great reviews. Once you get the leather one post it in the for sale for the right price it should go pretty quick
+1 on the Comptac. It is a comfortable, stable, and thin holster that conceals remarkably well. You can also get one within a few days of ordering. I first carried my M&P in a Desantis Cozy Partner. It is very comfortable but the Comptac is MUCH more concealable and stable. Reholstering is also much easier. I recommend a hard holster (kydex or reinforced leather) when carrying a weapon like the M&P which has no safety or hammer to help prevent an accidental discharge while re-holstering.
I like coptac's stuff it works very well, and they are quick to ship, nice to deal with
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