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Got off the phone with CS at Smith today, and the return box should be on it's way to me.

The problem my M&P.40 has is that it shoots high.

(I've got the LE package, night sights, no IL or MS)

At first I thought it was me (first 300 rnds), being unfamiliar with the gun and trying to find the right backstrap to use.

Switched from 165gr to 180gr and found the correct size grip to use, and still had the problem (next 300 rds).

Took it to a friend of mine who is a range master at a local store.

It's not me, it's the sights.

It's shooting about 3" high from POA at 10 yards.

Anyone else have this problem?

Also when I ship it to Smith. Do I include all the magazines and backstraps?

Or just a single magazine?
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