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September Internet shooting match!

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Got a general semi-auto 7 yard and 15 yard shooting match for Sept, if anyone is interested...

Here is the link to the 7 yard contest:

And the 15 yard contest:
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We've been having various matches each month - different themese. This month - back to just general semi-auto. Had a compact semi auto before. Revolver once. And last month, we did a Glock/Sigma/XD match.

Trying to mix it up a little.
I'm sorry U are having issues. I'll try to look into it. What name did U register on?
I PM'd the other admin. He's gonna look at it... I"ll get back to U.

Yes, nice group!
Jester said:
JesterMP40, I still can't get into my email, maybe you can manually activate it.

Looks like U are in now?
1 - 6 of 11 Posts
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