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Last week I added a Shield 45 M2.0 to the arsenal and I absolutely LOVE it (y)

I hand load and this pistol has been a joy to shoot with both 200 gr flat nose and hollow points.

I love the size and feel of the grip and it is quickly becoming one of my favorite pistols in the safe. The slide stop can be used to release the slide easily with thumb and the mags are easy to load. I drifted the rear sight .02” and now she is “perfect”.

A Tier1 AIWB holster is in the works and hopefully will be on the way soon. This beauty will soon be in my edc rotation along with my Shield 9mm.
I spoke to one of the folks at Magguts who assured me that a +1 spring kit is “in the works” for people (like me) who prefer the flush fit mag but would like another found in there, we’ll see if/when that manifests.
Just got a 4” PC Shield 45 and need a good IWB minimalist kydex IWB for my edc. Suggestions welcomed.
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