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Shield EZ M2.0 9mm Magazines

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Anyone know where I can get some mags for the new EZ 9mm?
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Unsure where to get them

Has anyone tried to see if the magazines from the original shield 9mm will work in the 9mm shield EZ model?
Has anyone tried to see if the magazines from the original shield 9mm will work in the 9mm shield EZ model?
I have read that they will not. I can't imagine that they aren't available from SAW though.
Magazine should be available soon

The 9mm EZ magazine show up on S&W's website but are not yet available. I emailed them and they said they should be available on their website and will be sent to stores "soon".
I got a response from S&W about the 9mm EZ magazines:

"The part number for the magazines are 3012704. The cost is $34.99 plus shipping/taxes. To place an order please call 800-331-0852 Ext 4125 for assistance."
As some will remember, a few of us were selected to be beta testers for Check Mate when they developed their aftermarket Shield 9 mags a couple of years ago. The quality of those mags was first rate, so perhaps they’ll become a source for Ez Shield 9 mags soon.

As asked above; has anyone with an EZ Shield 9 tried one of their standard Shield 9 mags to see if they’ll work?

I have no need for an EZ Shield 9, but would be glad to get with anyone local who has one to try my mags out.
Anyone know where I can get some mags for the new EZ 9mm?
Still looking for 9mm ez mags. SAW says to keep checking back. Yet they are selling 9mm m&p ez with 5 mags and there are none available for those of us who already own the 9mm ez. Made it clear that not supporting current customers was a bad idea.
I've been looking for an extra magazine for our 380EZ & have found a few on eBay but they run almost $75ea
Going to try SAW with my next phone call there..
Good Luck
What is this SAW you guys are talking about?

I don't do text speak, is it Smith & Wesson (S&W) or something else.
When you send a package to Smith & Wesson it is marked SAW = S&W
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Never knew there was an "and" in the name, their web site uses a dash and everything I've ever seen had an ampersand between the letters.
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When you get a package from Smith & wesson the return address is "SAW". I expect that's to be less obvious to package thieves who would be more likely to recognize a package saying S&W as containing a gun.
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Here's the link to S&W on the 9mm EZ Magazines
You have to call them about magazines?
Says they can't be shipped to CT & MA


I need a couple extra 380EZ Magazines as when We Purchased ours it only came with one magazine, So the vendor dropped the price to $331 = They Lost the box, extra magazine & lock..
Now it's boxed up for a return as they're is a recall on our pistol..
This the 2nd 380EZ we bought, Sold the 1st one without safety to make $100 profit..
Bought the 2nd one for my #3 Son & Wife to have something that doesn't have much recoil & can load & rack the slide with ease.. = EZ.. Plus I have six boxes of .380 that we bought for the Engraved Bodyguard 380 a long while back, Which in these times is worth $1+ a round..
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Has anyone had any luck buying spare mags for the 9mm EZ? Every store I try is out of stock. No websites have them. If you call S&W to order them they say they don't have any and don't know when they will but keep calling back. Any leads for any spare mags of any kids are greatly appreciated. Love the gun but right now only have 2 mags.
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