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So just a quick question. I noticed with my Shield plus I tend to shoot left a lot, I figured it's me since I'm a fairly new shooter. But last night I noticed my sights seem to be shifted slight right, the front more than the rear. Is it possible my sights could have shifted during shipping or is it lined up like that from the factory so it's sighted in properly? View attachment 20322

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I wouldn't be surprised if it's just me and my trigger control or grip, I am still learning. But I thought I would ask out of curiousity.
I think it is more likely you. I have a 4" and two 3" Shield Plus guns. The 4" shoots perfectly. The 3 inch ones, I sometime shoot to the left. Tight groups, but to the left.

I thought the sights were off, but then the next range trip, I shot it fine... Range trip after that, I pulled to the left again.

All three have the same frame... So, I don't know why this sometimes happens with the 3 inch Shield Pluses, but not the 4" one. It IS me.

I did have this issue with my original Shields too. I think I am pulling the gun when I pull the trigger. I KNOW it isn't the sights, because it doesn't do it everytime.
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