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Shooting my 637

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I gave my M&P 40 a break today and took my wife's 637 to the range. I had forgotten that this is not a fun range gun after the first 50 rounds. I put 110 through it today. 100 were 158 FMJ reloads and 10 were 125 JHP +P, which is her carry round. The +P is a handfull in this light gun!

Does anyone have any good advice on how to be as accurate as possible with this weapon? I shot it mostly Weaver today and was all over the paper with it at 21 feet. The paper being 8 X 11 which is good for COM practice. I wonder if CTC Laser Grips would help in getting more accurate.

I shoot my 40 much better than this gun!
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Nobody has any snubbie stories?
I don't think there are any secrets, these guns are just hard to shoot well. I practice with light loads and small doses to keep from building in my flinch. I should probably dry fire some. My problem is that these guns aren't particularly fun for me to practice with, even with the 148 HBWC target loads I use for that. I bought about 5 pairs of grips including two different big Pachymars, trying find one large enough to shoot well with but small enough to carry and may try one more. I was originally taught to shoot with revolver by a very good revolver shooter. I learned not to stage the trigger and all that revolver stuff. I gather some guys out springs for a lighter pull, but I've been reluctant to do it on a self-defense gun. I won't ever be able to shoot a J-frame as well as even a small "real" gun, that is part of why I carry a larger gun as a primary any time I can. There is a snub shooter site, but I haven't looked around there yet.
would you recommend it? I have only semi-auto's and I'd love a Smith Wheelgun, I can get this at a good price, and i love the snub nose look.
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