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shooting timer

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Anyone reccomend a good inexpensive timer for shooting.
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Save your beans and get the PACT mark 4 timer/ chrono. You get both the timer and the invaluable chronograph midway has them for $200 + $70 for the screens. Trust me it will save you money in the long run not buying 2 seperate things. Not to mention the programability of the pact helps with dry fire practice.

Ditto's on the PACT Chrono/Timer, I've had one since the early 90's..

Used it for several MI State championships/AREA5 chrono stage's as well

as load development. It's great for practice ie; dry fire, draws, splits, etc.

The chrono is dead nuts against units costing much much more .
how does teh chrono work? I already have one, but if its different than what i'm thinking.
If you already have a chronograph, you can get by with the PACT

"Club" timer..timer function only, but will do splits, adjustable start time, etc. Quite a bit cheaper.
Personally, I think the pacts are too big, and for something so versatile, miss key features like volume control, backlit LCD, etc.

IMO the one that does it REALLY right for someone looking to practice is the CED8000. Has headphones for peaceful; at home par-time dryfire. Has nice LARGE numbers that are also backlit, and the menues are easier to deal with IMO than the 20 buttons on the back of the pact. That's what I own.

However, that being said the CED7000 is uber convenient, but doesn't have the headphones like the 8000. It does have a low volume mode. One of the guys I shoot with has the 7000, it's really small and convenient. You can actually strap it to your forearm without issue. It's also rechragable, which is nice given the price of 9 volt batteries.

The pact IV and club are both larger than they need to be.
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I really like the Pact Club Timer II, the new model III is supposed to be even better. I also have the CED8000. I do like the headphone feature of this one, but the timer itself is too complicated to set. Too many menu features, 99% of which will never be used by most shooters.

If both of these went TU, I would buy the Pact Club Timer III.

I like my Pact II...simple and ergonomic, especially with a bit of no-slip tape on a couple of surfaces. I saw an ad for a SMALL CED one...looks like it actually straps to your wrist, about the size of a cell phone. Forgot where I saw the ad, but I want to look at it again.
That's the CED7000 just google for it and you will find. It's small, about the size of the now discontinued ipod mini.
raz-0, funny you mention the Ipod, some of the accessories listed are neck and wrist lanyards, arm band, custom carry case, and "silicone skins." Looks like they got some "I-deas" from somewhere...neat toy at $120.
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