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shoots in NC?

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Would like to find some shoots in NC,SC.

Any help?

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Some of the best run IDPA matches anywhere. Home of the Carolina Cup. First and second Sundays of every month.
Where do you live in NC? That would make this a hair bit easier.
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if you are in the charlotte area then you are more them welcome to go to shooters with me and my dad we are out there every weekend.
I live in Union county and work in Charlotte. There are a few places you can go shooting other than Shooter's. You have the public range at Rankin lake in Gastonia, Firepower in Matthews, The Bullethole in Monroe, The Rifle - Pistol club in Waxhaw, and a few others.

I typically shoot at Firepower and shoot IDPA up in Wilkesboro (when work permits).
Thanks for all the advice. I'm in the Charlotte area. I have been going to shooters some lately and would like to find some events or weekly shoots to join in on. I also don't understand when you can and can't shoot pisol at Rankin Lake.

I think Rankin Lake is only open to the public on Saturdays. If you call the number located on the fence, the rangemaster should be able to tell you the hours.

The Rifle-Pistol Club in Waxhaw has PPC and IPSC style matches every month. I think there is an actual IPSC club just off 85 near the airport in Mecklenburg county also.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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