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Well my father bought a .40c a week ago or so, and we didn't get to shoot it until today. We went to a Great gun range in Southport, NC that has a wonderful outdoor setup. I was shooting my Fullsize M&P 9mm and was amazed at how accurate it was at 25 yards, let alone the shorter distances. But then We shot my dads new .40c and it was nearly just as accurate! AND, for a larger caliber and smaller gun, it barely had a noticeably larger recoil compared to my fullsize 9mm. I was blown away, and have decided to put money back for a compact... Absolutley loved it.

btw my father has ONLY owned revolvers, and never wanted a semi-auto until just recently and he was absolutely blown away as well. He LOVES his new gun, and will more than likely be picking up a fullsize sometime soon.

We also shot our friends AR-15 with his new eotech scope he got for christmas.... now i have to come up with 1000$ fast to fuel my addiction lol

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