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Shot myself in the foot....

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So now... After having gone through the gambit of exploring other options - I am looking back at what I have actually owned and shot well with, and enjoyed shooting as well as what I did NOT like about them...

Beretta 92FS... The most accurate shooting pistol I've ever shot - but - I thought they weren't supposed to rust easily? My sweat must be acidic, because I constantly got surface rust on the slide when I carried this gun! Also a bit heavy for concealed carry.

CZ75B Stainless... This thing shoots like a madman! But is just WAY too damned heavy for concealed carry!

Glock 17... I hated the grip angle - if I had to draw down on a bad guy, I'd rather concentrate on him than the angle of my wrist - otherwise a shot intended for center mass would end up whizzing past someone's head or popping him a new one in the forehead.

Springfield XD 5" - Love the feel of this gun, but when shooting the 5" model versus my wife's 4" model, I can't shoot it worth a damn. That extra inch of barrel throws the balance off for me. And of course - the 4" is HER GUN, so I can't carry it! So, I sold off the 5" model.

Springfield Loaded 1911 in 9mm - I love everything about a 1911, except when I shoot a gun I expect to be able to feel it LOL! It's obvious that the 1911 was never intended to shoot 9mm - it felt like I was shooting a .22lr! Sold it for very minimal loss.

S&W M&P - the only reason I sold it was because of needing the funds to go towards the purchase of the 9mm 1911... BIG MISTAKE.

So anyhow, I now have cash in hand... and have been shopping around... I've looked at Sig Pros, FN FNP-9's (which I really like!), CZ P01, a few Rugers, and of course, I've landed back at the M&P.

This time around I think I am going to go 9mm w/ factory night sights (which were not available when I got my last one - has this changed?). Also, I may see about finding one without a magazine disconnect.

The only cosmetic complaints I had about the M&P was the color of the frame (which was a grayish off-black) , and the fact that they can't be bought in two tone!

Here's my questions.

#1 - can the frame be done in Duracoat in flat or very mildly glossed black? Has anyone done this and if so, do you have pictures you could share?

#2 - I've priced getting the slide media blasted - which actually is pretty affordable, but I hate sending parts of my gun off , leaving me with an inoperable piece or nothing at all. I've been thinking about Duracoating the slide in a Matte Stainless tone. What would be required of me to do prior to attempting this at home? Would I have to somehow strip off the black first? Would be a better investment to just suck up the time and send it off to be done?

#3 - Sponsors - how much would you charge me to media blast the slide and duracoat the frame??

Thanks so much!
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Send Dan Burwell an e-mail and he will hook you up! :wink:
I never got this sort of thing. If i buy something i keep it, forever. Maybe i am just a simple person to please.

MP .40c is my first hand gun, never getting rid of it.
Plain and simple - it's called searching for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow - when if it were a snake it would have bit you when you had your hands on it the first time!
nofoa said:
I never got this sort of thing. If i buy something i keep it, forever. Maybe i am just a simple person to please.

MP .40c is my first hand gun, never getting rid of it.

I've sold a couple of firearms over the past half century. Damnit.
Where were your shootin buddies. "Friends don't let friends sell guns"

No, really. It's okay to admit a mistake, to thousands of people, so long as you don't repeat it. :wink:
we all make mistakes do it again and youre grounded
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