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One of my range buddies bought an M&P 45 yesterday and invited me to try it out a few hours ago. His is not equipped with the thumb safety nor the mag drop safety (the way I would buy one). It did have night sights.

I was impressed with the feel (duh) and the accuracy (kept everything in a 4 inch circle from 25 feet). I came away from the session underwhelmed however. I think it's a personal preference sort of thing... but I'm so used to 1911's... that the overall impression of the M&P made me wish I was shooting a 1911.

The performance was flawless with over 200 rounds between the two of us (Listening KIMBER????)I can't imagine this being ever being much of a CCW gun. Thick and clunky, it would be a chore to conceal... although the weight was nice.

The 45 M&P is an awesome gun... however, I think I'll keep begging for the 45C!
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