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Shotgun stock option

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I recently picked up a Mossberg 500 for a nice price. It's coming with an ATI side folding stock. I have not fired it yet so will with hold my opinion until I do. However, I have not heard anything good about these stocks and being new to shotguns I was thinking of changing the stock. I have been looking at Knoxx stocks and Speedfeed stocks, but am not sure I want to drop $100 on a stock so soon. I have also thought about just swapping for the original stock or a Hogue model. Thoughts and Opinions.
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I think I will end up with the Hogue overmold 12" LOP stock. I held a Remington with the regular overmold stock and really liked the grip. It's a little cheaper than the Knoxx stocks and allows easy access to the safety. I shot my Mossberg with the ATI sidefolder and had trouble keeping it centered. I don't have a buttpad for it so that might have been an issue.

Has anyone added a sling to the ATI stocks (side folder or collapsible)? How did you mount it?
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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