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Shotgun stock option

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I recently picked up a Mossberg 500 for a nice price. It's coming with an ATI side folding stock. I have not fired it yet so will with hold my opinion until I do. However, I have not heard anything good about these stocks and being new to shotguns I was thinking of changing the stock. I have been looking at Knoxx stocks and Speedfeed stocks, but am not sure I want to drop $100 on a stock so soon. I have also thought about just swapping for the original stock or a Hogue model. Thoughts and Opinions.
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My first gun was a Mossberg 590. I promptly got some buck shot and went out to have some fun. I shot 2 rounds of 0 buck and said, "aw, F**K!" to which my brother said, "*****! Give me that."

He shot 1 round and said, "aw, F**K!" to which our friend said, "Pussies! Give me that."

He shot 1 round and said, "aw, F**K!" to which we both said, "*****!"

I thought, what did I buy? But I wanted a collapsable stock anyway, and the Knoxx said it reduced recoil to nothing, so I figured what the hell, it's still cheaper than an autoloader.

I ordered a Knoxx SpecOps stock and had to wait a couple of months, because production was just beginning. When I got it, I wasn't too impressed. It doesn't look all that good. It doesn't seem to fit the Mossberg all that well. And the grip kind of sucks. But I figured I bought the thing so I might as well shoot it.

So off I went to the range with 4 boxes of buck, and 1 box of magnum slugs. And WOW! The Knoxx suddenly looked very pretty to me. Adjustable length of pull, and while there is still recoil, it is completely manageable. I routinely shoot 50 various rounds with little to no pain.

And with a Hogue sleeve, some GG&G mounts, and a Wilderness giles sling, you have the perfect home defense gun.

I love my Knoxx stock. My brother loves his, and our friend loves his.
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If you get an AR style stock, you can use the rear sling thing from,48.

GG&G also makes a front sling mount for the Mossberg.

The giles sling from TheWilderness is about the best sling I've found, and their belts are amazing.

Don't skimp on your home defense slings. Spend the money. I'm poor, but I won't skimp on a CC holster for pistol, or a sling for any long gun used for self defense. A quality holster or sling could mean the difference between keeping your gun in an attack, or having your gun used against you.
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