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Sight alignment from factory

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Since getting my M&P 40, I've been consistently shooting left of center. My groups were averaging 1-1/2 to 2 inches left of X @15 yards. I assumed poor grip and adjusted by intentionally aiming to the right. I know, band-aid fix...

Long story short, I recently picked up one of Dan's rear sights and got it tapped in pretty close to center by checking it with dial calipers. I took it into work to fine tune it on one of our CMM measuring machines. It was .0015" off center so I tapped it to dead center (w/in .0002"). While I had everything lined up I checked the front site. It was .012" right of center! By mathematically extrapolating that offset out to 15 yards, I discovered where most of my off center problem was coming from. I then tapped the front site to dead center.

At the range Saturday, my left of center problem disappeared! If you are having consistent windage problems, this might be something to check out.
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Mis-aligned front sights have been talked about on numerous occasions...this seems to be a common problem related to the M&P's. Mine was off at least 1/16" to the right and I was shooting left. Makes you wonder about their Quality Control.
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