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SKU numbers not matching up

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So my former employer began issuing the M&P 40 to all the officers. Since i have a good relationship still withthe firearms training staff, I've been able to shoot several of these guns and fell in love with 'em; enough so, that I decided to buy one for mysel.

So after a bit of searching, I found one a t a local gunstore. I called first to make certain thet had one since the store was about a 30 min drive away. I was told they did. I asked and was told that it had the mag disconnect but no internal lock. I figured I could work with the disconnect but after experiencing several failures of the lock in S&W revolvers, I decided I would not have another.

I went to the store and asked to see the gun. It did, indeed have the disconnect but also had the internal lock. I declined to purchase it. As they packed it up, I noticed the SKU on the case and saw that the SKU number on the case was 209300 which S&W says indicates no internal lock or disconnect.

I made sure that the serial number on the gun matched that of the did.

So I found one at another shop nearby, no lock or mag disconnect. It also had the sku of 209300. I bought it quickly since I wanted no disconnect or internal lock.

I realize this is trivial but I just noticed it and thought it odd.
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I didn't take the time to work the lock with the included key as I just handed him back the pistol and said "no thanks" but the key looked similar to those included with the revolvers.
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