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This may sound like a wierd question so bear with;

I've been looking at the movement of the slide and was wondering ..... what part of the pistol takes the brunt of the force when the slide moves forward?? If the take down lever is lowered the slide comes right off in a forward motion .... so would this mean that with the lever up that is also what stops the slides forward motion?? Or would it be the barrel, mainly the rear where the breach is & where the barrel meet the take down lever?? Then again it could be all 3 places right??

I'm asking because I put a heavier recoil spring in and wanted to know what parts are going to take the most stress/wear the most with the heavier forward return. I had the factory spring marked blue which I read was only 10# and went up to a 24#. Wanted to get more backwards recoil vs muzzle flip & read this was the way to do it.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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