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Slide stop removal

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anybody have directions posted on how to remove the slide stop ?
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not yet. I'll look into it though.
This weekend I'm going to try to sit down and look it over well, by then maybe Dan will chime in with a way.
It is pretty easy to do. Just takes a lot of words to explain, but I'll give it a try.

1. check to make sure gun is unloaded

2. remove slide per S&W instructions

3. Remove take down lever- rotate upwards while gently pulling out of the frame. this should not need to be forced just rotate and wiggle. to get it the rest of the way out just keep rotating it and gently pulling.

4. tap out the trigger pin. this pin only goes in/out 1 way- away from ejection port side. When you do this the trigger return spring will be released. go ahead and remove it from the trigger bar now.

5. now you should be able to lift the front rail block from the frame, along with the trigger and the slide release(SR). BE VERY CAREFUL: there is a tiny spring on the side of the rail block the retains the take down lever. It is basically sandwiched between the frame and the block. You don't want to lose this.

6. slide the trigger out of the old SR and in to the new one. and replace into frame.

7. pretty much just need to reverse steps to assemble but the trigger return spring can be tricky to get back in. I would recommend putting the trigger pin though the trigger, SR, and the return spring before attaching it back to the trigger bar. use a needle nose pliers to get the spring back onto the bar.

I think I got everything other's can feel free to add to this. it is really pretty easy and should only take a few minutes.


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Dan installed the new extended slide lock lever I received from S&W free just for the asking, this morning using your very good instructions. In step 4 you remove the take down lever and trigger spring, but the front rail block roll pin is not mentioned, is this step assumed or should it be added as a separate step. Just thinking outloud .Thanks
How did you guys get them to send you the extended slide stop? I called customer service, and they said the only way that I could get one was to send the weapon in. Being that it is fall, and there aren't many matches left before snow flies, I'm not a big fan of being without the gun for any length of time. Is there a different route you need to take to get them to ship one out?
Being a armor my make a difference, I can't speak for anyone else, but S&W has always been very responsive to my request and inquires.
maybe give Jeff Whitehouse a call...I think thats his last name anyway. Tell him your situation.
I'm a newbie so this might be a stupid question but when I was switching out the slide lock for the extended one I noticed some kind of felt or something inside my trigger return spring? Is this normal if so what is it?
normal, its a buffer. something to make the spring last longer.
i just called and tried to get the slide release sent to me, no go.. licking stupid that i would have to send my gun out and wait 15 bussiness days for that little peice to be replaced.
Thanks for the quick response Jester. Mad212 I just called them about a week ago explained to them that I was unable to go without my duty weapon they said no problem that they'd send the part to me and just to have an armorer put it. It came a couple days later. Maybe if you get a different customer rep you'll have better luck. P.S. I called 1-800-331-0852 ext. 7
I just replaced my slide stop with a slide release using the instructions that Dan put up. I was suprised on how easy it was. Only took me about 15 minutes. And wow does it make the M&P feel different, a good feeling. Thanks Dan for the step by step. Oh ya S&W sent me the slide release. All I said was "PLEASE, Can I have the new slide release".
i tried again to get the slide release and was told it could only be sent to an amory this time. gawd.. the hell im going through to get this damn slide release.

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COOL BEANZ! I just got off the phone with Jeff Whitehouse.. He is sending me a new extended slide stop assembly. I had to kind of talk him into it.. naturally, they don't want people doing there own gun smithing.. but when I explained to him that I can not do without my pistol, and that I have instructions from Dan Burwell.. He decided to send me the parts!

Good news, because the slide stop on my MPA series pistol is not very useful.

maybe one of the people on here that has gotten one can call in and ask for an extra or 2 and send one to you while holding onto the spare for themselves or anothe forum member who would want one.
You can order them from brownell's. I may have some more next week, I am not sure if Jester will be stocking them in the MP store.

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