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Slippery grips?

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First let me say I am loving the M&P it has been a reliable fairly accurate gun. One of my few complaints is the grips are a bit slicker than I like me grips. I do not like the grip tape as it tends to wear holes in my shirts (maybe I just keep my shirts around too long
) not to mention it just is not appealing to the eyes. So here is what I came up with:

Shark Skin Rear Picture

Shark Skin side Picture

Stippling Rear Picture

Stippling Side picture

Now these can be applied to both the back strap as pictures and the front strap. I'll get a pic of that as soon as I decide which one I like best. as far as increasing the griping they are both about the same. So the decision is strictly a cosmetic one.

This can be easily done by anyone with a soldering pencil and a little courage. Just be careful when doing the back inserts that you do not over heat any one particular area as the inserts can warp you need to work an area then more to the other side work it then return.


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really like the shark skin setup, I'd never seen that before. May have to think about that one.
As an alternate, the $9 Hogue grip sleeve (the one that fits Glocks) fits pretty good. Im sure the Uncle Mikes and Pachmayer sleeves would fit also.

I have the Hogue sleeve. I dont currently use it though since I change the backstrap often (wife uses the smaller insert). I would really like for Hogue to make their own grips. I much prefer the "hogue feel" (I have their grips on my 3914) uver the hard plastic feel.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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