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I own both an XD and M&P, and have noticed that information about the Smith & Wesson guns is more free flowing and less restricted than the Springfield Armory guns.

Over on the XDTALK site, I could not imagine getting the kind of detailed information that we see on this site. For example, certain step by step internal modifications seemed hard to come by. When information like this was passed around, it would often be passed through private messaging only, as if the messenger had to protect himself. The impression that I got was that SA would hold the tech info tightly in an effort to protect themselves and the information. I think there were implications to this effect on that site.

On this site, information seems very free flowing. I really appreciate that spirit. I'm wondering if this has anything to do with the differences between S&W and SA?

Any insights?


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I think it also has to do that the gunsmiths arn't trying to hold info in either.

That and the M&P seems easier to modify yourself.
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