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Softening Kydex

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I'd like to make a small change to a kydex holster.

How hot does it have to get??

How to heat it up??
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You can use a heat gun, or even a hair dryer.
whats the scientific name of kydex? anyone?
i have a blade-tech holster and the belt loops were to small for my reinforced belt so i just took a metal coat hanger and a propane torch and made the loops bigger but i dont know how hot you would need to get it to make it a little pliable to bend it and make it stay. seems like the torch would be a bit excessive....oh a sidenote on the blade tech, this is from the website "The Revolution Series Holster has a slim lined back mounting platform making this holster highly concealable." its not concealabe AT ALL... not in a t-shirt or button down maybe if you were wearing a heavy trench coat but hell an AR-15 is concealable in a trench coat!
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The thing to be aware of it that kydex wants to return to a flat sheet when heated up. so too much heat will turn it into a frisbee. Heat guns provide a more localized area, and Id prefer to use that as opposed to a hair dryer, but both will work.
I use a toaster oven for mine, only takes a few seconds at 350 degrees for it to form. you can see edges start to curl in there so watch it carefully.

loloy said:
whats the scientific name of kydex? anyone?
Everything you ever wanted to know about kydex:
choochboost said:
[quote name='loloy']whats the scientific name of kydex? anyone?
Everything you ever wanted to know about kydex:[/quote]

thanks...its PVC. don't want to shove in any PVCs in my stove...
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